Extra Wide Cutter


Extra Wide

Finn and Fram 76” Extra Wide Cutter with Oscillating Feed Option and Breakup Device

Self-Adjusting – Steady and equal cutting pressure maintanined by powerful air cylinders. Pressure is adjustable, easily set, and repeatable. Cutting force is automaticaly equal across the face of the working rolls. Compensation for wear of the rubber cot is automatic. Cutting pressure is clearly indicated on a gauge. Feed roll rests on Anvil Roll in a sliding guide. No need to adjust for wear.

Large Diameter Rolls – Careful design for minimum deflection assures uniform cutting even when blades and rubber are worn. Blade retaining slots are helical for quiet operation at low cutting pressure.

Anvil Roll Sleeves – Rubber sleeves are not bonded. Replacement with special tool reduces down time. When rubber is worn, rolls can be replaced in plant. Does not prevent regrinding to extend life of rubber.

Safe – Nip guards at front and back, and drive guards are standard. Pressure switch allows operation of cutter only when rolls are in contact.

Optional Features

Oscillating feed bar to distribute wear. Blower system. “Walls” of gentle air alongside the cutter and anvil rolls keep the slow moving rolls clean, and substitutes for high speed of small cutters. Air is supplied by 1/3 horsepower blower. For application in panel manufacture when cleanliness is mandatory. Break-Up Device. Controlled fiber glass bundle break-up is by shaft of same length as cutter with projecting steel pins, driven by a wide-range variable speed motor.

Traveling Jet Blower. Oscillating jets blow out fibers from between blades. Needed only for 1/2″  (12 mm) or shorter cuts to prevent cutting head “build-up.”

Brake on Motor. Stops cutter quickly. Useful for SMC machines to prevent excess roving at one point if the SMC macnine is stopped momentarily.Explosion-Proof Electricals. Needed only if the cutter is to be used in a hazardous vapor area.

Extra Wide

Extra Wide

Prices – Write for quotation. Advise length of cutter, length of cut materials, and options wanted. When ordering, advise if roving is to be fed into the machine from a horizontal position, or from above, as from eyes in the ceiling. Advise also if motor is to be on left or right hand side.

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