Model 80 Cutter

Model 80 Cutter, Variable Speed, Control Side View

A high-capacity cutter in small format for cutting batches of fibers or metering cut fibers into mixes. ¬†4″ (102 mm) working width. All components are portable and designed for easy removal and convenient servicing.

Cut length configurations from 1/8″ (3 mm) up. ¬†Maximum capacity 400 # (180 kg) per hour with 6 strands.

Model 80 Cutter, Variable Speed, Feed Side View

Repeatable cutting pressure is set with a single knob and maintained constant with two die springs.

Variable speed or fixed speed drives for all standard voltages, and a wide range of speeds.

Positive-drive replaceable anvil sleeves of tough polyurethane and rubber compounds developed for long service life.

Blade Installation

Model 80

Blade Removal

Toothed Anvil Sleeves and Core

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