SMC Machines

The most successful SMC producers and molders worldwide know that an important key to their success is consistently high quality sheet molding compound.

High quality SMC easily pays for itself through reducing rejects and expensive press time and by saving on raw materials. At the same time, high quality SMC leads to high-quality durable molded parts which keep customers coming back for more.

Many of the world’s leading SMC producers have been FINN & FRAM customers from the beginning. They had the foresight to realize that a top quality SMC production plant will always be the heart of their operation even though it represents only a small fraction of the their total investment. The logical conclusion – invest in the best SMC machinery – from FINN & FRAM.

Today, FINN & FRAM continues to set the pace with machines designed and engineered to provide:

  • Leading edge technology thoughtfully applied with in-depth industry knowledge
  • Long-life, continuous operation even in demanding operations
  • Simplified operation requiring minimum training
  • Low maintenance and clean up
  • Modular construction for future expansion or functional changes
  • Operational safety

It all adds up to maximum installed value and minimum rejects. FINN & FRAM equipment can truly be the best investment in your plant.

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