Old Model 80


Model 80

Finn and Fram Model 80 Cutter with Oscillating Feed System and AC Inverter Drive

Model 80

Drawer-Type Cartridge

Drawer-Type Cartridge. A completely serviced cutting assembly (cartridge) slips in and out like a drawer for sevice or fast exchange. Production may be resumed immediately. Ideal where lost time is expensive while servicing choppers, as on mat and preform machines, but excellent for any cutting application. 

Heavy-Duty, Rigid Construction. Chopper is made for long, trouble-free life with oversized, sealed ball bearing throughout. 

Large Cuting Capacity. Guard permits roving introduced uniformly at 1/2″ (12.5 mm) centers over 4″ (102 mm) working face. Can cut up to 6.6 lbs (3 kg) per minute. 

Simple Servicing

Simple Servicing

Simple Servicing. All cutting elements simply snap in or out of place for renewal. When reassembled by snapping back, the original adjustment is retained. 

Economical. Uses standard quickly- replaceable 4″ (102 mm) razor blades and rubber or polyurethane sleeves. 

Convenient. Roving may be inserted safely while the cutter is operating. Roving guide is also a complete wraparound guard. Guard pivots out of the way for servicing the cutting elements. 

Standard features exclusive to Finn & Fram 

Positive Drive anvil Sleeve

Positive Drive Anvil Sleeve

Polyurethane or rubber.  No slippage on core. No dirt from inside wear. Special compounds for exceptional performance. 

Self Adjustment

Self Adjustment

SELF-ADJUSTMENT AND WEAR COMPENSATION- Steady spring pressure gives uniform cutting pressure. Constant readjustment is eliminated on Model 80 cutter. Normal servicing never affects permanent adjustment nor does anvil roll wear. Built-in scale reads applied pressure. 

PARTS LIST & INSTRUCTIONS CAN’T GET LOST- Complete operating instruction and expendable parts list are printed on metal plate mounted on face of cartridge – always available at point of use. 

GUARDING- Drive is enclosed. Cutter rolls are under feed grille so guarding is automatic. Feed grille permits many feed positions and locates roving accurately. Roving may be started easily from many positions while cutter is running. 

Many modifications not listed are available to meet special applications. 

Optional Accessories

AC Variable Frequency Drive Available in single or 3-phase for all standard voltages.

Closed-Loop Speed Control – for highly accurate metering of fibers

Positive Downdraft- Small electric fan provides positive delivery against updrafts from a mixer or other closed system. 

Positive Ejection- For short lengths such as 1/8″ or 1/4″  (3 mm or 6 mm). 

Double Feed Roll System- Prevents over-feeding for special materials when that is a problem.

Oscillating Feed Grille-
Distributes wear on anvil roll and blades.

Spare cutting heads, anvil rolls, or complete cartridges
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